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Jumio AML Screening

Jumio enables banks and financial institutions to protect against financial crime and reduce false-positives with AI-powered AML screening and monitoring.

Automated AML Screening and Monitoring with Seamless User Onboarding

Help prevent financial crime and money laundering with automated screening, risk management and ongoing monitoring. Jumio Screening combines Know Your Customer (KYC)-compliant ID verification with automatic anti-money laundering screening to inform your AML risk decisions.

How It Works


1. Customizable Risk Screening

Check which lists to screen against: global/regional sanctions, PEP lists (politically exposed persons) and adverse media.


2. Automated User Onboarding

Spot more risks and reduce false positives with near real-time screening of new online customers.


3. Ongoing Monitoring

Receive tailored, proactive alerts via email or API to identify, investigate and rapidly react to suspicious activity in real-time or retrospectively.

Jumio Screening
in Action

"At IMPESA we take everything related to AML very seriously. That’s why we chose Jumio. With this implementation, IMPESA establishes a standard at the fintech level and also at the banking level, with world-class monitoring systems."


Product Highlights


Reduce False Positives

Advanced AI-powered technology reduces false positives and helps automate the screening process.

The Power of AI and Automation

Benefit from AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically monitor tens of thousands of sanctions and media lists and quickly identify potential financial crime risks.

Minimize Manual Reviews

Combine ID/identity verification with AML screening to quickly fulfill regulatory compliance screening requirements without excessive manual review.

On-Demand Screening

Search profiles and AI-powered matching algorithms give you the flexibility to tailor the AML process to your unique risk appetite.

Fully Automated Monitoring

Automate onboarding and ongoing monitoring processes empowering your compliance team to make better decisions faster.

Seamless Integration

Manage ID verification and watchlist/sanctions screening within a single integrated dashboard for uninterrupted workflow powered by a highly configurable REST API.

Global Coverage

Check profiles of entities on global and national sanctions lists including OFAC, HMT, UN and thousands of other watchlists.

Flexible Search Options

Choose how you want to perform any screening by using our customer portal or REST APIs.


Regulated businesses such as financial institutions must implement AML screening to prevent, detect and report money laundering activities. AML regulations are required in most jurisdictions in conjunction with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and KYC regulatory requirements.
AML screening is crucial in preventing financial crime, including money laundering and terrorist financing. It helps businesses identify high-risk individuals, safeguard the business’s reputation and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.
AML screening and transaction monitoring are two distinct processes in AML compliance programs. AML screening runs a check against government sanctions lists and other databases to identify potentially high-risk customers, while AML transaction monitoring is the continuous monitoring of customer transactions for suspicious activity. AML screening is used to identify high-risk customers before they are onboarded and periodically throughout the customer lifecycle, while transaction monitoring detects suspicious activity after it occurs.
Some signs include unusual transactions or patterns of behavior, incomplete or inconsistent information provided by the customer, reluctance to provide necessary documentation, and transactions involving high-risk countries or individuals.
Sanctions screening involves checking individuals and entities against government sanctions lists to ensure that no transactions or business dealings occur with sanctioned parties. Sanctions screening is an important component of AML compliance, helping businesses to avoid financial and reputational risks associated with doing business with sanctioned parties.

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