Age Verification for Online Minor Safety

Simple, Secure Age Verification

Minimum age requirements in e-commerce are complex and constantly changing. It’s vitally important to develop an airtight online age verification process that keeps adult content, apps, products and services out of the reach of underage users.

Jumio's suite of identity and authentication solutions are specifically designed for age-restricted products and companies. These powerful tools promote online minor safety by verifying a user’s age and creating age gates around online gaming, cannabis delivery, social media and more.

Jumio employs a combination of cutting-edge technologies, including identity document verification, biometrics and AI-powered tools to enable companies worldwide to achieve compliance with COPPA, GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

How Jumio Helps

Age Verification

Jumio’s ID Verification extracts personal information such as date of birth from a wide variety of government-issued photo IDs, which is then used to calculate the current age of the person creating the account.

Fraud Prevention

Jumio’s Identity Verification solution requires a valid government-issued ID and a selfie. This provides a powerful fraud-prevention tool, as many minors generally prefer not to use their own likeness if they’re trying to use a parent’s ID to make an online purchase.

Liveness Detection

Given the rise of spoofing (the act of using a photo, video or a different substitute for an authorized person’s face), Jumio employs state-of-the-art liveness detection as a means of biometric screening to ensure that the person creating the account or making an online purchase is physically present.

Ongoing Authentication

After legitimate customers have verified themselves online through the legal age check process, Jumio Authentication ensures all future logins and checkouts are being made by the original account owner. It can also be deployed in-store.

Compliance Mandates

Keep up to date with the latest FDA age verification requirements, state laws and merchant account policies. Our verification rules are customizable and can be adapted to your verification workflow or regulatory requirements in your industry.

Brand Reputation

Age restricted providers that perform efficient KYC are less likely to face heavy fines for negligence, and performing these validation checks may help maintain your brand reputation as well. Show the world that you take the safety of minors seriously.

Online and In-Store Verification

Intuitive digital and kiosk-driven experiences help you verify the age of all customers in real-time, whether they’re online or in store. It’s a simple user experience that does not interrupt consumers from making transactions if they are indeed the appropriate age.

Simplify Deliveries

Help drivers with in-person alcohol, marijuana, vaping and tobacco deliveries with a quick and easy means of age verification.

See How Age Verification Works


We are absolutely convinced that Jumio’s tried, tested and recognized identity and age verification services will greatly support a seamless onboarding process for new customers.

Konstantinos Andris
Chief Operations Officer at Novibet


When a new customer comes to your website or app, Jumio prompts them to scan their government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license) and take a selfie with their mobile phone or webcam. Jumio then extracts the birth date from the ID to verify the age, compares the photo on the ID with the selfie and runs a liveness detection check to make sure the person on the ID is physically present.
If your business involves online gaming, dating, e-cigarettes and vaping, cannabis, tobacco or the sale of alcohol (wine, distilled spirits and beer), it’s vitally important to keep products and services intended for adults out of the reach of underage children.
A pop-up screen that asks if a website visitor is over 18 does not qualify as age verification and is no longer enough to prove due diligence. The regulations surrounding age-restricted e-commerce are complex and continually changing. Age verification solutions help you avoid doing business with minors, protecting them as well as your company.
Every situation depends on the risk associated with verifying age. For example, scanning their ID document and verifying their phone number might suffice when the stakes are lower. For riskier transactions, such as when they use a credit card to make purchases online, liveness detection may be critical.
In the age of online commerce and digital services, ensuring the safety of users, especially minors, is of utmost importance. But its function must not come at the expense of customer experience. Jumio offers a secure, fast and frictionless way to verify the identities of customers online, without compromising the user experience. Using advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, organizations can accurately and efficiently verify a user's age and true identity. With Jumio, it's simple to balance providing a safe and secure online environment for customers while also complying with legal and regulatory requirements. This leads to a better customer experience and increased trust in online commerce and digital services.

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