Strengthen Patient Verification in Health Care

Solutions Across Health Care

Online Prescriptions

Comply with regulations requiring online pharmacies to verify the identities and ages of patients seeking prescriptions.

Patient Intake

Boost efficiency and drastically reduce the potential for human error by verifying new patients, further reducing time spent on rejected insurance claims.

Insurance Fraud

Avoid fraudulent claims and subsequent legal fees while protecting patient identity and privacy.

Reputation Management

Show patients that you take the protection of their personal data seriously.

How Jumio Benefits the Health Care Industry

Verifying Patient Age

Jumio’s ID Verification solution extracts the date of birth from a wide variety of government-issued IDs which can be used to calculate the current age of the patient creating the online account or refilling an online prescription.

Insurance Fraud Protection

Powered by informed AI, Jumio Identity Verification requires a valid government-issued ID and a selfie. The process itself provides a powerful fraud-prevention tool as many fraudsters generally prefer not to use their own likeness when defrauding a medical institution because they’re likely to incriminate themselves.

Liveness Detection

Given the rise of spoofing (the act of using a photo, video or a different substitute for an authorized person’s face), Jumio employs state-of-the-art liveness detection to ensure that the patient creating the account or ordering a prescription online is physically present and not a spoof or deepfake.

Ongoing Treatments and Prescriptions

When a patient logs in or attempts to refill an online prescription, the patient takes a fresh selfie and a new biometric template is created, which is then compared to the original template to ensure that the patient logging in is the same as the original account owner. It’s fast, reliable and helps provide peace of mind that the patient is who they claim to be.

Recommended Solutions

Jumio Identity Verification

Ensure the person behind a transaction is who they say they are.

Jumio Authentication

Replace outdated knowledge-based authentication and SMS-based 2FA with the simplicity and security of a selfie.

Jumio Go

Real-time, friction-free identity verification powered exclusively by AI.

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